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Mexico is one of the most romantic places on earth. Whereas a majority of couples tend to visit Mexico for its lush sandy beaches, Mexico boasts of wide-range scenic locations you can visit while honeymooning. In addition, Mexico has one of the finest weather throughout the year making it a favorable location for honeymooners no matter the time of the year.

Where Can You Visit While In Mexico?

There are several places that you can visit while in Mexico ranging from Yucatan to Cabo San Lucas. Yucatan is home to the playground of Cancun as well as the islands of Cozumel. Next to it are the remains of Chichen Itza plus Tulum. The former is a two hour drive from Cancun. The former is a two hour drive from Cancun. There are several hotels that you can stay at while in Cancun which are affordable and offers the best of Mexican hospitality. Some of the activities you will relish while honeymooning in Cancun are scuba diving, snorkeling and water skiing. The accommodation rates at the resorts located in Cancun vary from one resort to another. However, most of them offer an all-inclusive package. The nightlife in Cancun is also splendid and as such if you enjoy dancing, you will find this town quite interesting.

Oaxaca is located on the south of Cancun, and is well-known for its splendid coastline as well as marvelous surfing. Majorities of honeymooners are advised to travel by rail while heading to Oaxaca as it enables them to go through various states such as Chiapas and Yucatan while still relishing the beautiful landscape.

The Mexican Riviera which stretches from Mazatlan all the way to Acapulco along the Pacific Ocean provides honeymooners with the a wide range of scenic locations plus accommodations. Some of the activities you can enjoy doing on the Mexican Riviera are surfing, snorkeling and sailing. The white sandy beaches also make it a perfect place to sun bath and swim. The hotels and resorts located along the Mexican Riviera are also quite affordable.

While in Mexico, do not forget to visit the Copper Canyon. This can be viewed by taking a train ride. The train rides are usually four to seven day tour rides.

How To Make Your Honeymoon Memorable?

If you want to enjoy your time while in Mexico, there are a couple of things which you need to keep in mind:


Foremost, do a little bit of research on some of the most preferred places. This will enable you to know more about the accommodation rates as well as the activities you will indulge in while there.

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Read the Mexico Honeymoon Guide

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Read the Mexico Honeymoon Guide

This article was published on 2011/12/06